Developing and perfecting artificial intelligence.

New horizons
in artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most sought-after commodities of today, with interest in it growing exponentially every year.

We at Data Diamond are training neural networks and exploring the next developments in AI, staying ahead of the curve of this young and fast-developing field.

Our focus is primarily in optical recognition, including faces, physical attributes, objects and characters, in both still images and streamed video.

Our Services

AI Software

Training neural networks on various types of data

Recognition of faces and (other) physical attributes

Optical recognition in both stills and video

Optical character recognition

Real-time recognition of text, shapes and symbols


Helping you choose the right tech or providing entire solutions


Captain Snap

A full AI solution for facial recognition, sorting and distribution of event photos. Our software recognizes and tags participants within minutes, making manual sorting obsolete.

Lead Management Tool

An intuitive tool for tracking, following up on, and converting customer leads. A clean UI with advanced reporting and game-changing features such as call centre integration, make lost leads a thing of the past.

Our Partners

Our digital agency taking care of web design, strategy and communication of our projects.

A coalition of agencies responsible for all our content creation, graphic design and performance campaigns.

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